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Pleasing a Woman in Bed

Pleasing a Woman in Bed

For most men interested in the true Girlfriend Experience, part of their pleasure comes from pleasing their partner. Making the lady you are with feel good can be as enjoyable as feeling good yourself. There’s even a sense of power in it, in knowing that you are responsible for those happy moans of pleasure. But many men aren’t sure they are “doing it right.” This is partly the fault of women. In our culture, women are taught that it is wrong to enjoy sex, and certainly wrong to talk about it. Women in our culture are very repressed, despite several sexual revolutions and a greater openness in today’s society. Women have trouble telling men what they like in bed, and what they don’t like, because to talk about it is considered “dirty” or shameful.

However, escorts are, on the whole, very open about sex. They are much more likely to tell you what they like and don’t like, or direct you in the ways that give them the most pleasure. The trick is to pay attention, and to ask questions. A man who is focused, attentive, and enthusiastic will easily please his partner. And NO, penis size doesn’t matter! So many men believe this fallacy, and it just isn’t the case. How you touch a woman, your attentiveness to her, your willingness to listen to her, is what truly matters.

Listening is probably the most important skill a man can use when making love to a woman. She will give you many nonverbal cues that she is enjoying herself: her breathing will quicken, she will move around, moan, or even touch herself. Another part of listening is asking questions, and then paying attention to the answers. As you’re touching her, or licking her, pause and ask if she would like it faster or slower, harder or softer. Does she like her nipples licked lightly, or sucked on hard, or even nibbled? You also might try what I call “optometrist questions”. “Do you like it this way or this way?”

Remember too that the clitoris is a highly sensitive organ, with more than six times the nerve endings in the penis. All of those nerve endings are compressed into a very small space, so it’s no wonder the clitoris is so sensitive! Treat it lightly at first. Be very gentle and delicate. As the woman becomes aroused, you can increase your pressure but pay attention to the way she moves beneath your hands or mouth, the sounds she makes. In this way she will indicate whether you are on the right track.

Show her what you like, too. For many of us, we enjoy pleasing our partners just as much as pleasing ourselves. We become aroused by your arousal. During sex, vary the speed, tempo, and thrust. Experiment with which strokes work best for the two of you. Some ladies like to have their clitoris manipulated during sex, some don’t, some prefer to do it themselves. Some positions work better for certain women than others. Ask her what she likes. Escorts, unlike so many women, will be happy to tell you.

Afterward, cuddle for a while. Talk, get to know each other even further. An escort can also be a friend, someone with whom you can share anything. And a good escort likes to listen, too.

If you take the time to really listen, put all of your energy and passion into pleasing your partner, the rewards are vast. You’ll feel good because you know you’re “doing it right,” and she’ll feel good because you did.

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