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Tantra: The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Tantra: The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

“Tantra” refers to a variety of spiritual and sensual practices from several ancient cultures, including India, Tibet, China, Nepal, Japan, and Southeast Asia. These practices encompass far more than sexuality, though for our purposes we will be addressing the sensual aspects of Tantra.

Providers who use the term “Tantra” are referring to sacred sexual techniques, which focus on three central and essential principles:

  1. An emphasis on the woman’s sexual fulfillment
  2. The man’s ejaculation control
  3. And the spiritual connection between the couple and the Universe

Traditional Western thought has always separated the mind and spirit from the body. The body and our sexual selves are seen as “the flesh”, inherently weak and ultimately sinful. This concept of “sin” is explored and embraced, then released from our consciousness.

Eastern philosophy states that all aspects of the self, body, mind, and spirit must be integrated, made whole, in order to have a true relationship with the Divine. In other words, there are no “mistakes.” We are not put into these fleshy bodies merely as a test of our will.

In the Tantric world view, all life and all aspects of the world and self, including sexuality, are celebrated and holy. “Sacred sexuality” refers to sensual practices that incorporate not only the body, but the mind and spirit… the whole Self. These concepts enhance and expand our ability to give and receive physical pleasure and intimacy, while opening up our beings to a greater spiritual understanding and awareness. The belief is that sexual energy, which is very powerful, can be exchanged and then directed through the body, to the heart, the head, and the soul. Such energy exchanges become a permanent part of who we are, our essence.

Tantra practice doesn’t have to be complicated, though there is much to learn. The concepts involved can be integrated into your sexual awareness, regardless of your personal spiritual beliefs. Most Tantra experiences begin with meditative breathing techniques, designed to relax the body and at the same time heighten awareness. In this way we begin to learn to control and channel sexual energy.

Ejaculation control is of particular interest to many men, especially those with premature ejaculation issues, or erectile dysfunction. Tantra seeks to channel sexual energy throughout the body, focusing not on our own pleasure but on that of our partner. As energy is exchanged, we experience our partner’s pleasure as our own. We can extend ecstasy for prolonged periods.

The Eastern cultures studied and developed lovemaking techniques, and viewed ecstasy as an art and a means of communicating with the Universe. Sacred sexuality seeks to extend the magical, loving connection between partners, with the self, and with the Divine.

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