My PHD in Hooking 101- Chapter 2

The mistakes new girls make !! It’s simple quotes!

” Hi i’m new to escorting.. “

BAM!! Don’t go any further. You have just alerted every rapist, mugger, killer, cop and short changer to come fuck with you. To come rob you, to come take advantage of you, to come steal from you and to be abusive to you. Oh, and to be arrested. DONT EVER TELL ANYONE YOU ARE NEW !! AND PLEASE ! DONT ACT IT !!

” Why sure you can bring a camera with you !”

Why surely they CANNOT !! Why surely they cannot videotape you. It is NOT an act of kindness !!

“Yes I checked your references with Marvelous Maude and Soupy Sally. “

REFERENCES ARE NOT AND NEVER a reliable source of screening. Its the lazy way of screening. ALways screen first. You can do it secretly and a man will never know. Just email someone like Soupy Ciara and she will tell you .REFERENCES are only in the event you cannot find any other info on a gent. It isn’t to be abused. You never know if Soupy Sally and Marvelous Maude are legit either. If you dont know the provider and dont know the gent. Move ON.

“Sure I’d love to go out to dinner with you “

“Sure I’d love to see you off the clock”

Surely you DONT. Escorting is not a dating site. That man is just trying to get out of paying you. (this is not typical of all men, Most it is !)

“Sure , I Can take a check or Money order “

Surely you can’t. It will bounce. If they have a checkbook, they have money. If they have a money order, they have the money. Cash only at all times !

“HI my name is honey”

NO.. name yourself strategically. Do some research. There are 25 Honey’s in every city. Stay away from flower names and gems. Everyones a Diamond or a Rose for the love of God. Be original. Name yourself after a nice nun in Ireland like I did myself 10 years ago. I cant help it girls have “Ciara” now. They are all just copy catters. Haha.”

“Sure I’d love to party with you !”

Surely you don’t cause you are either now arrested or with some asshole who does drugs too much. You are better than that. Isnt that why you chose something to make 6,000-10,000 a month if not more ? You are at work ! Would you smoke some dope at your workplace ? Don’t do it.

“Sure, I’d love a glass of wine/soda/water”

Only from a sealed bottle and you pour it. Men will slip something in your drink. It happens ! And I hear cases of it all the time

“Hi, Yes. I am at the Marriot in room 233. See you Friday”

There is NO REASON ON THIS EARTH A MAN NEEds TO know where you stay, let alone the room number. Tell them an hour or three ahead of time what hotel. When they call you from the parking lot, then you may tell them

“Hi Soupy Sally, yes, I am staying at the Marriot in ______________”

NOOOO. Never tell other girls where you are staying ! Why do they need to know anyhow? NEVER TELL ANYONE !!!

“Hi Soupy Sally, I am Fabulous Felicia. I wanted to say hello and tell you I am new to the community here, but not new to escorting. Just wanted to say hello. If you ever need a reference let me know !”

Yes ! It’s always nice to network with other girls. If they never return your email ? Oh fucking well, they will want to network when their asses get busted. So, do not worry.

“Yes, I charge 250 an hour. I am an incall escort. Yes I will have sex with you and I offer oral as well!!”

NOOOOOOO NOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOO You never answer questions like this…

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