My PHD in Hooking 101- Chapter 3

Today boys and girls, Listen up!

Move to the head of the class if you cannot hear my yell!!! Today our topic is WHAT I NEED TO START AS AN ESCORT.

It isn’t stilettos and fishnets. It isn’t a new piece of lingerie. ( When I started in this biz ten years ago, all I had was a ratty ass apartment and one teal teddy) Those days are gone !!!

What do I need before I get started as an escort ? A real live escort ? You know, A girl that travels, like one of the big wigs I’ve been admiring from afar ?

Well let me reiterate one of my blogs from a few weeks ago that only took me 10 minutes to write, it came to the top of my brain in a crappity snap!!

What some don’t know is, 1% of escorting takes place in the bedroom.. Here’s what all good professional girls need, here what they do to get ready for dates/a date/ or just the everyday life of an escort.

  1. googling
  2. screening
  3. htmling
  4. php-ing
  5. xml’ing
  6. podcasting
  7. videoing
  8. marketing
  9. web designing
  10. public relations
  11. emails
  12. resourceful outlets
  13. teaching ourselves new things on the computer
  14. rss feeds
  15. blogging
  16. driving
  17. shopping
  18. manicures
  19. pedicures
  20. hair appts
  21. working out
  22. groups
  23. mailing lists
  24. cell phone shopping
  25. hotel reservations
  26. travel reservations
  27. knowing how to get past homeland security
  28. lawyers
  29. agents
  30. assistants.
  31. networking with other girls
  32. networking with other hobbyists
  33. incall locations
  34. getting kids set with sitters
  35. shopping for good cars that will get our asses around the country.
  36. schedules
  37. scheduling
  38. doctors
  39. physicals
  40. condoms
  41. lubes
  42. sex toys
  43. knowing how to be a friend
  44. knowing how to be professional
  45. knowing where the boundaries are.
  46. writing cute little ads.
  47. writing and more writing
  48. dentists
  49. grocey shopping (snacks for clients)
  50. being our own detectives
  51. reading up on alternate sex groups Ie. swingers,bdsm,fbsm
  52. keeping up with the newest craze and learning them – tanra +fbsm ie
  53. makeup
  54. taxis
  55. trains
  56. weeding out the bad emails
  57. weeding out cops on phone
  58. knowing what to say and not to say in emails
  59. being discreet
  60. hiding from family and friends
  61. hiding from our workplace
  62. taking the risk of being seen in public and wearing nathaniel hawthornes scarlet letter !
  63. meet n greets ( we are all expected to be there )
  64. perfumes soaps- smelling perty
  65. cleaning incall locations
  66. cleaning like an animal half hour in between calls
  67. researching what is going on in any city we travel to
  68. banner exchanging
  69. computer shopping
  70. networking and wifi-ing
  71. hiring drivers
  72. hiring accountants
  73. hiring a trainer
  74. knowing how to NOT get busted
  75. remembering not to leave anything behind
  76. making sure the men leave nothing behind
  77. tons of laundry
  78. 5-6 showers a day
  79. palm pilots
  80. car repairs
  81. mechanic bills
  82. financial planner
  83. banks
  84. hiring photographers
  85. modeling
  86. knowing what kind of photos men want to see
  87. tanning
  88. gift shopping for our favorite clients
  89. std testing
  90. mental stress from when a girlfriend calls us
  91. or a wife calls us
  92. giving our hobbyists tips and tricks on how to stay discreet from their significant others
  93.  answering phones
  94. being courteous and friendly at all times.- good customer service- just as if they are calling Sears LOL
  95. knowing how to protect ourselves in case of an attacker
  96. some girls take kick boxing or some form of martial arts.
  97. diets
  98. remembering to love ourselves for what and who we are
  99. having a good sense of humor- if we didnt- we’d be in a mental ward poking african stickpins in our voodoo dolls made of socks
  100. Uh oh a clients at the door, Time to RUN!!!Finally we get to have sex !!! * maybe. sometimes clients dont even want sex.. LOL (damn them )

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