Chicago escorts guide to the suburbs and city


I was 15 when I met HIM.

He was older, tattooed and had been to jail before. His family was a notorious bunch of roughnecks from West Virginia and I found him sexy, a big man child really and his innocent love of things was endearing to me.Under the shameful scorn of my beloved grandparents for “fornicating” , he and I were married in a small hush hush ceremony in my grandparents’ living room.MY mom had to sign for me, I was so young. I thought the whole thing was a joke. I mean, the marriage would never have worked… we were both young and foolish and he was a drunk. I found this entertaining for awhile…. But like all alcoholics , he had a tendency to be violent.I was as much attracted to it as I was revolted by it.

We lived in a small boring town in the country and I was bored with it but broke , foolish and young and thus unable to escape . My mind had not been broadened to the point where I could devise an intelligent formula, a formula to escape.Mind always wandering towards excitements and thoughts of big cities and glamour ,I began writing one of a zillion short stories. This one about two small town teenagers who stow away on a ship to Madrid and then are luckily taken in by a nice man who turns out to be a pimp…shows them the way to get money ,what to do and say …..and these girls were going to work their way to the top and come out rich and famous. Something like that. It was always escorts and diamonds,glamour and lights with me.It always will be in a way.

Anyway my husband was at work and I was more than eager when his brother and best friend asked me if I wanted to tag along with them, they were going to the beach. Excited to have a break from a dull midsummer day I readily agreed and grabbed my bathing suit and my notebook. I was going to swim, but I wanted to be able to write about my two little teenaged escorts in Spain. I was creative and I wanted to see them do things, prosper, get into scrapes, live dangerously and always escape beautifully. It was a fantasy I often indulged in whether I was making up characters or thinking about myself in their shoes. It was all just a dream world to me though, something that did not exist, never heard of. There weren’t even any topless clubs where I lived, nothing like I had read about.And I read alot. I felt I would be in the middle of nowhere forever , always be dull…many people would not see me, get a chance to adore me nor I them. Ah I was always so poetic. Little did I know I was about to get a big surprise, a little taste of just what I’d been dreaming about and begging for. A chance to show off..a chance to be a star!

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