Chicago escorts guide to the suburbs and city


” Who in the hell brings a notebook to the beach anyway ?” my brother -in – law said, inspecting a ragged homeade tattoo on his arm as he rubbed BananaBoat on his skin. I clasp my story and roll my eyes at their small town stupidity and in my haughtiest of voices say ” This isn’t a beach…it’s a LAKE in the middle of a CORNFIELD.” ” SO go to fucking LA then, but get out of my way ” Brian whispers through clenched teeth with urgency . I look up to see what condescending attitude could be dawning, but he and his friend had their attention elsewhere. Following their gaze I saw a beautiful golden creature laying on an impossibly bright beach towel.. the kind so prominent then. Loud, outspoken, gawdy. So was she. But lovely. I was instantly envious and jealous.

My jaw drops open to see she is wearing a G string, right there in public, right at the beach. My heart pounding my mind raced, wondering where I could find one. My God..I thought.. like this was the greatest thing I had seen..A concerned mother was talking to a cop she must of apparently called out and gesturing wildly at the girl, who seemed sweetly oblivious and unconcerned. The cop stood there sweating with his lips pressed together , staring at the girls ass. He told the lady something or other.. to shove off. Brian murmurs,” Shit, If I had a girl like that, I wouldn’t let that shit leave the house.”.

I moaned, snapped at the halfwits to shut up, dropping my notebook in disinterest. The creature had long blonde hair and had jumped up to throw a frisbee with her friend,seemingly having a riot despite the pissed off woman and onlooking cop. It was like she didn’t care.It was beautiful to me..Her young breasts jumped up and down with each wild laugh and the folded creases of the bathing suit in her crotch was so erotic. I noted the little tiny golden hairs on her inner thighs, some trapped with sand. I always was a detail girl.I could imagine how it felt to run a hand down her thigh, or mine. She was not embarassed at all it seemed to have her ass hanging out. How wonderful that must be, I thought. I couldn’t quit looking. My sexuality was alive within me and I loved to love girls as much as I loved to love boys, but mostly always from afar.

She was leaning agaisnt the payphone by the bathrooms talking to someone and she held her head down to shield her eyes from the sun. I watched water drop from her bating suit top onto the hot pavement and the water marks formed a large heart. I was next in line and had already sized myself up in comparison to her. I wasn’t far off. I was beautiful..but too skinny, not curvy as her. Of course I didn’t have the expensive blonde dye job BUT I wanted it desperately..wanted to peel the gstring bathing suit off her ass and put it on mine.She was about to walk off and I asked her, ” Do you have an extra quarter,” tryign my hardest to look cool and detached.Golden creature smiled at me and said sure,handed me one. My heart leapt up. I was so glad she was nice..such a waste if she hadn’t been..I’d always been a scrapper with bitchy girls and I wanted to like her. I was enamoured by her in fact . She smiled, said ” Come on”

I walked back through the hot sand with her and sat at her “station” casting a smug look at my inlaw and his friend, who stood with gaping faces and doubt creeping into the corners of their eyes. I knew they would be telling my husband about this no doubt. Certainly, I did not care.. She opens her bag and tosses me a gstring. Indulging me , she lit a cigarette, waved the other hand emphatically through the air and said, ” Here, go put it on” as if I were an excited kid in a toy store. She was only two years older than me, but she was right, I was a kid.

By the time she had finished telling me what she did for a living I was hooked.Dangling off of the end of each word she said, like ropes to freedom. Dancing for men, yes. Money, attention, being sexy, hell yes. I mean this is what I was born for. I Had bigger dreams than her though. I wanted to dance out West, see the big cities, the big lights, nevermind the college towns. “Well, maybe you can go with me, but I’m not ready to go yet ,” she says and something inside me became sad and I realised right then and there that beautiful and glorious as that creature was, that she wasn’t going anywhere. She would stay and be trapped by distractions, I was psychic and I knew it. ” Besides..” she adds…” you are not old enough yet.” I laugh a long low dry laugh…I think…fuck it.. if I am old enough to get married I am old enough to do what the hell I want. I realised right then I had a mind ..AND a body.. and I was not going to waste it sitting around dreaming in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t really want fame.. I just wanted SOMETHING, and I new it was out there.I Knew something exciting was waiting for me, I would search.I meant to find it, no matter what I would have to do,. And I did just that .

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