Chicago escorts guide to the suburbs and city


The young acne faced guy on the back of the bus kept looking at me and raising his eyebrows. I groan and look out the window at Speedway Blvd., wishing I could escape this bus and the perverts on it. I had on very tight button up cutoffs and a form fitting black shirt that was more like a bra. It was 112 outside and the bus wasn’t much better. I wasn’t in the mood for idiots to hit on me when I looked over again and found this boy wagging his tongue at me provocatively. I flipped him off and rang the bell, suddenly elated to get off at the next stop. I had been really nervous and excited at the same time, all this effort and time and travel and here I am finally going to apply for THE JOB.

On the left, just before Circle K it stood. An impeccable two story building gleaming in the sun, nearly leaping off the street, it boasted the hottest girls in Tucson and the biggest Limousine was parked out front. I watched with my heart thumping in my throat and lowered my shades to get a better look. “This Friday…XXX star Tammy Love” the huge billboard in front read. I felt salty sweat break from my neckline and roll down between my breasts, collecting in my bra shirt. Why did I have to wear black? Just then a girl in her late twenties exited the club in comfy street clothes, a backpack slung over her shoulder and an oversized bouncer behind her, carrying a duffel bag with impossibly high heels hanging out of the top. I remember thinking… those have got to be the fucking most coolest shoes I have ever seen. I took a huge breath and walked into the club.

I stood in a small entrance room. Blacklights ran the length of the floor and ceiling and a buff young guy in a black t-shirt stood behind a clear counter, tapping his fingers on the top and looking at me specutively. I pretended to be looking at the items inside the glass box, novelties and magazines. He eyes me suspiciously then went back to thinking about his tan. Through the black velvet flaps that hung to the left, I could hear loud music and the purr of some dj’s voice. “The next hot body to hit the stage..” My eyes widened and a sense on anxiousness hit me and I struggled with myself to gain composure. I felt like… that is the future around the corner. This is what you want more than anything. And I did.

I tiptoed to the curtain and peered through. Immediately goose bumps formed on my arms and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Fog was being released into the air around a high glossy black stage, swirling there in the strobe lights. Whirring colored lights cut holes through the dense fog and I caught sight of a neon green gtsring, then soon the willowy body under it. A girl in short chaps was strutting across the stage, her neon gstring glowing between her ass cheeks and the chaps on the outside. Her breasts bounced with each step of her high heels and she smiled up at the corner of the room. I turn to see what she is looking at and notice the dj booth, inconspicuously in a loft in the left top darkness of the club. He motions something and she acts as if she is riding a horse, rocking her hips back and forth and spanking the air in front of her. She laughs, she even seems bored. I am not. I am too thrilled to move.

I continued peeking though the curtains, I could not stop staring around. I am a really observant person and just soaked up the club in a matter of seconds, from the second floor stage and VIP lounge where gentlemen in cuff links sat with naked girls dancing in their laps, to the waitress with match sticks on her nipples that, for a dollar would light them. I was getting up my nerve to walk in, ask for the application. I knew I could do it. Fear kept me froze in place though desire propelled me forwards. Torn between myself, I stood boosting my morale, telling myself I WAS as sexy as these girls. You always think you’re the hottest one until you see others. That’s when girls nature creeps in and you become doubtful of your own beauty.

My mind was finally made up to go all the way in. Sometimes my nerves got the better of me and I stood fumbling for a Galiouse and lit it, wishing my boobs were bigger. A woman with breasts like melons had taken over the stage and was doing splits and other various moves, at one point managing to get the heel of her shoe entwined in the back of her hair. She laughed it off and I thought it was the sexiest mistake I had seen. A tattoo above her ass on her lower back read, GRACE. I watched Grace dance and felt myself relaxing and becoming eager for what I wanted and I drew my shoulders back and assumed a pouty expression. I parted the curtain to step through and a deep voice behind me said “May I help you?” Reeling, I jump ten feet in the air and spin around to see the doorman standing behind me, flexing his biceps. “Fuck don’t scare me like that.” I spit out irritably, still very impressed by his stature. It was a well known fact to me that boys with awesome bodies like gods were most of the time dumb as a box of rocks. I felt I could overtake him. “Are you going in or not?” he asks, standing in his TENS SHOWCLUB T-shirt, watching himself in the wall mirrors. He had a large hickey on his neck that looked painful.

I fake smile and squint my eyes, nodding my head at him sarcastically and attempt to move. “I.D.” he states like it is the funniest thing in the world, like he has caught me. He holds out his hand, smiling at me. I pretend to fumble through my purse, the back of my throat way too dry. My hands begin to shake. He holds out his hand and clears his throat, smiling even bigger, revealing wolf teeth. With a flutter of a heart beat, I turn around and run like hell, feeling tears break out. Flee the club like a little girl you idiot I silently told myself and ran back to the hot concrete bench that marked the bus stop. I had no idea how I was going to get an I.D… but I would stop at nothing to get one.

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