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Chicago Escorts Fuel Economy Tips

Chicago Escorts Fuel Economy Tips

Chicago Escorts Fuel Economy Tips

Just like everybody else, the high gas prices have an effect on the escorts of Chicago. When going on an outcall, driving is required. The increased cost of gas is a budget eating expense. Chicago has high summer temperatures, traffic jams and some of the highest prices in the nation. But with a bit of preparation and a few simple steps, Chicago escorts can mitigate at least some of the budget harm caused by high fuel prices.

Keep Tires Properly Inflated

This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to save gas while you are driving around in Chicago. Properly inflated tires can improve fuel economy by as much as 3%.

Don’t Idle for Long Periods

Chicago contains a boulder garden of potential traffic tie ups. A bit of strategy when setting your appointments can help you avoid traffic jams. Try to plan meetings in Chicago for times that help you avoid idling in traffic.

Get a Tune-up

A tune up that includes changing spark plugs, air and fuel filters and replacing any damaged plug wires can improve fuel economy by over 10%. Chicago and the suburbs have an extensive amount of qualified auto mechanics and a tune-up is pretty straightforward. For Chicago escorts, bartering a tune-up and automotive work is also a strong possibility.

Avoid Using the Air Conditioning

When driving in stop and go Chicago traffic (when unavoidable) makes gas mileage drop dramatically. This is exacerbated by using the air conditioning. The engine has to work harder when it is on and therefore requires gas. When cruising at highway speeds, rolling running the AC is more efficient than open windows. The use of the AC is less than the drag caused by open windows at higher speeds.

Encourage the Use of Your Incall Location

If this is at all practical, this is the best thing a provider can do avoid using gasoline. Offer enticements to get friends to come to you… creativity goes a long way with this.

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