Escorts and Client Verification Methods

If you are a new provider, understanding the client verification process is vital. There are many escorts in Chicago and elsewhere who have been verifying clients for some time. Hobbyists have gotten accustomed to going through it and typically understand, provided you don’t make it too impossible.

The value of an escort verifying new clients is obvious and substantial. Primary is your own personal safety. There are plenty of kooks out there and avoiding them promotes longevity. There are also plenty of rip-off artists out there who are interested in scamming your time. In addition, avoiding time wasters who schedule but don’t show is another purpose of the verification process escorts regularly employ.

There are a number of strategies for verifying potential clients…

The most fundamental information is his name and work phone number. With a name that is confirmed by employment, you can be pretty sure he is who he says his. With the name/work number, you can call to speak to him at work thus getting a tacit identity confirmation from the employer. Of coruse it is necessary to ensure the phone number given is actually associate with a place of employ. The internet is a fantastic tool for this purpose. Type the number into Google and should nothing be returned, it is likely this really is not a work number. These days there are very few companies that don’t have a web site. A lack of a return for the number is a red flag.

Provider references

This is probably the best method of all. Questions to ask of another escort are…

  • Is he who he is who he says his?
  • Did he show up on time?
  • Where his expectations reasonable?

It is also a good idea to ask the provider what is his email address and or message board handle. This helps to make sure you are talking about the same person and with a message board handle, you can read his posts, thus getting at least something of an idea of what he is like. Often another provider can also verify (or not) the employer info. This method is not perfect however. Not all providers bother to give client references, and of the ones who do, sometimes they are unreachable. LE can also pose someone as a provider to fool the escort seeking a reference. It is necessary to make sure the provider giving the reference is legit (TBD and TER are good for this).


RS2K does provide a measure of protection. However, it has its drawbacks. Required to register is a credit card, name, employer info. Thing of it is, LE is adept at falsifying this information. A lot of guys don’t like RS2K considering that personal information is being stored in reference to the hobby. Still, RS2k can be a value in that it is another measure of protection.

Date check

Date check is a good idea, however many providers don’t use it as it requires a monthly payment and many believe that not enough hobbyists use it to justify the cost. Often you will find a guy is not a date check member. Date Check can also be pierced by LE.

In summary

There are no foolproof methods and each one of the above has drawbacks. A combination of approaches is the best. Perhaps the best is your instinct. Escorts have different levels of strictness regarding the verification process. The bottom line is this.. if you cannot verify his name through any of the above methods, don’t make the date.

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