Escorts and Russian

Russian is a technique that many have come to truly enjoy. It goes by a number of names including titty fucking and pearl necklace. Simply explained, it involves the man’s cock being rubbed between the lady’s breasts typically while the man is on top. If done correctly, Russian is something that both can enjoy. There are escorts who are made for Russian and enjoy it while others are not big breasted enough or just don’t enjoy it.

The key to good Russian is lubrication. It should be applied liberally before titty fucking. With the lady laying on her back, straddle her and apply the oil to her breasts in warm caressing movement with your hands. If you are not too heavy of a gent and or the woman just doesn’t mind your weight, sit gently astride her belly as you apply the oil.

Once her tits are liberly lubed, slide your dick in between them in a slow, rythmic motion. Either you or she can push them from the sides to make a tighter fit. Once you are ready to cum, let it go either on her tits, neck or if she is willing, on her face.

The trick is to do the most to ensure her comfort. First, don’t crash land on top of her making her feel like a jumbo jet just fell on her stomach. And don’t do things such as grab her by the back of the head when you are ready to cum. Russian is something both can enjoy if each partner endeavors to take care of each other’s comfort.

Escorts who enjoy Russian typically are quite well endowed and not tiny. But it is always important with any lady to make sure this is something she likes.

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