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Web Design For Escorts When Done Properly Brings Results

Web Design For Escorts When Done Properly Brings Results

A properly done web site is a particularly powerful asset for any and every escort. There are many different thoughts and impressions about escort web sites. Some providers think it will do nothing for them as there are already many escort sites on the internet. Other providers believe a web site only needs to show a handful of pictures and a nice one is therefore a waste of time. This view is perhaps worse than no site at all as a web site reflects the escort’s reputation and influences the view of her held by hobbyists who don’t yet know her. It is no question that a properly done web site will bring results.


  • A properly done site will bring these benefits…
  • Show you are established.
  • Display your rules and help to avoid time wasters.
  • Perform well in the search engines.
  • Establish a positive impression in the minds of new hobbyists.
  • Confirm and increase confidence that you are legit

What Makes an Effective Site

Users think basically alike when it comes to the web. This applies whether the surfer is seeking an escort, a box of books or a set of lower Baroque pottery for the kitchen. When users visit a web site, they want to easily be able to find what they are looking for. They want to see what appeals to them. Identifying with their interests is fundamental to getting them to place a call or send an email. A site should load quickly, be easily navigable and show that some care and thought went into it. A modern, appealing layout will accomplish this. A site should look professional. A whipped out, template based, online page builder type y site suggests to a user that either you don’t care or are too poor or lazy to construct a site for them to visit. Appealing graphics, enticing text, sharp graphics result in a clean, polished look and makes an impression.


Many escorts turn to resources such as “freewebs” and Geocities and then use the online page builder. The results are also obvious and bad. Online page builders don’t generate good code, resulting in browser issues, poor graphics and slow loading. The URL also tends to be quite long and is a dead giveaway to the type of site the user is about to visit. Many of these services such as Geocities prohibit adult content and routinely remove such site when it is found. A domain can be had for as little as $10 per year and hosting at $50 per year with full MySQL, cgi support, tons of space, email accounts etc. There is just no reason to skimp with your domain and hosting.


Users love to see pictures. They don’t need to look like the cover from Sports Illustrated. In fact, sometimes people tend to disbelieve images that look “too perfect”. Images should be clear and accurate. Attire should be fetching with items such as lingerie, bikinis and birthday suits always are popular. Images should load quickly. Many people take some shots with a digital camera and then shoe-horn the display down with the IMG tag properties (famous on Geocities sites) causing a huge, slow loading file. Users don’t wait for this and often leave the site. Images should be adjusted for size in Photoshop and optimized for web use. Image sets such as in a gallery section (a must) should be displayed as clickable thumbnails as there are literally millions of dialup users who are just as impatient as everyone else.


Text is vitally important. True not everybody reads it but many do. Text should be concise, interesting and appeal to the visitors’ interests. We are not talking about Kahlil Gibran type prose but lively wording. Text should also be informative. Written words are a perfect opportunity to tell users what your policies are. Written text also provides an opportunity to reflect your personality and establish a particular mood.

Getting Help

Many escorts (and many non escorts) underestimate and misgauge the amount of work and experience necessary to achieve maximum results from the web. Knowing proper HTML coding, graphics preparation and link building are all things that take time. But there are plenty of resources available. The founders of Chicago area escorts have many years of experience with proper web site implementation, having completed numerous sites in both the adult and business community. We are effective and affordable. Feel free to contact us.

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