Massage Techniques and Types of Massage

It is important to undestand the different types of massage that are available. This understanding is essential for getting the type of experience you are after. There are MANY outstanding massage providers in the city of Chicago. Some are strictly trained providers of theraputic massage. Others are escorts who are naturally gifted at making you feel great through the use of their hands.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is primarily focused on yeilding health benefits such as releif from conditions such as back pain, circulation issues, etc. A provider of therapeutic massage has training and has achieved the distinction of Certified Massage Therapist. Some states issue licenses for CMT’s. If you seek relief from a condition, a licenses CMT is best equipped with the knowledge to apply techniques that will alleviate the issue. Some escorts are also CMT’s. However, therapeutic massage leads to relaxation and it is important for the client to understand the type of techniques that will be applied.

Sensual massage

Sensual massage is certainly more given to arousal but not necessarily leading to intercourse. While it might employ some of the same techniqes and strokes as a therapeutic massage, the sensual massage is not intended to be calming. Sensual massage involves the genital and erotic zones of the body. The pleasure and sensuality of touch applied by caring hands is very exciting indeed. Depending on the provider of the sensual massage, this can involve a “happy ending”.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage is very much aking to the sensual massage, sometimes the distinction is solely a function of the people using the term. Erotic massage most certainly involves touching of the genitals and errogenous zones as prelude to intercourse. There are no specific sequences of strokes or rules.

No matter what type of massage you are intersted, there are many qualified, experienced and caring providers of the techniques that will lead to a most enjoyable session. Chicago is home to a vast community of massage providers. Be it a licensed CMT or an escort with caring hands a deep sense of sensuality, Chicago has the hands for you.

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