Chicago tantra guide

Chicago tantra is some of the best to be had of this technique. Of course many wonder exactly what is tantra?. Many people, here in Chicago and elsewhere, believe that tantra is a set of positions. Others think tantra is strictly massage. It is both of these but so much more.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word. There are many definitions of tantra. This shows its multifaceted nature. Most agree that tantra is a spiritual science centered around togetherness. The togetherness referred to by tantra is with the universe and each other. Tantra teaches us to embrace our interest in sensuality. By doing so, we rediscover parts of ourselves that have been asleep for a long time. Tantra represents releasing the powerful energy within us.

Tantra includes an array of techniques, including massage, bodydrumming, sacred baths, g-spot massage. The techniques involve intimacy and bringing people closer together in an unhibited, non-robotic way. Tantra techniques can be shared between couples or groups.

Tantra is best explored with an experienced practitioner. Chicago has some of the best tantric goddesses around. They have studied under some of the most recognized tantra educators in modern times.

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